I did not choose my profession... it chose me. I started down the path to be an engineer, but my passion took me in another direction.

I have always been fascinated with wheels, whether they're on a bicycle, motorcycle, car or truck. When I started racing motorcycles, I got frustrated that no one was covering the races, so I complained... and landed my first writing job: Freelance reporter.

That morphed into running a local newspaper... then editor of two national magazines... and jumping from editorial to advertising, writing for national accounts like Suzuki, Chevrolet, Revell and Pennzoil.

Then came another fork in the road: I chose to go freelance and have never looked back. I love freelancing because of the variety -- in projects and in clients. Projects include everything from writing press releases to consumer literature, web content to YouTube videos, instructional design for a product training event to scripting webinars, plus everything in between.

When it comes to clients, I helped launch Lexus, Infiniti and Genesis, and I work with all the heavyweights in the automotive and motorcycle industries, as well as with the leaders in the fields of technology, electronics, sports nutrition and real estate.

I love what I do, and that passion and commitment shows in my work. That being said, I only have one question: What can I do for you?

SCOTT HEIDBRINK | 760 567.5780 | s_heidbrink@msn.com

I've  always said writing chose me, and I love doing it, whether it's writing a video script, a vehicle brochure, or an ad for a spark plug.

I have worked one-on-one with a variety of companies, helping them grow and expand while discovering new opportunities.

One of my specialties is working as an instructional designer, creating training content that is engaging, entertaining and educational.

STORYTELLER, CONTENT CREATOR, instructional designer

creative solutions that produce real results

One picture may be worth 1,000 words, but with 1,000 words, I can do so much more than a single photograph: The right words educate and excite, inspire and inform. That’s why I chose a career as a storyteller—not a photographer—to use words to make a difference.

760.777.1277  s_heidbrink@msn.com