I have to admit, my love of photography came before my love of writing... but not by much. I was inspired by my father to pick up a camera at an early age (he gave me a Kodak Instamatic). Then, in high school and college, I continued taking classes, refining my skills.

What really made the difference, I started racing when I was 16. By the time I was 17, I was getting better and the local cycle newspaper was not covering my race. So, I made a call and they asked, "Do you know how to write?" I said, yes. Then, they said, "Can you take pictures?" I said sure... and the rest is history. And yes, that's me on the right.

As with my writing, I always try to shoot "interesting angles" that draw the eye in, whether it's a static Porsche 911, or a KTM hitting a corner at full speed.



WRITER, instructional designer, marketing consultant