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I didn't choose to be a writer... it chose me. I was on track to be an engineer until I had a personal epiphany—I enjoyed writing ten times more than physics. For the last 37 years, I have been working on a broad spectrum of projects: everything from web content to consumer brochure, live training events to magazine articles, plus everything in between.


I bring my passion and enthusiasm to every project. From one-page ads to complete advertising campaigns, corporate videos to produce information guides, I have you covered. Take a look at my project gallery and experience the power of words.

At age 17, I started my journey as a freelance writer and photographer because the races I entered received little or no coverage (yes, that's me in the photo).
I found I had a way with words. And skill with a camera.
That spawned a rewarding career as an editor. But I wanted more.
So I started my own advertising agency. Still, that wasn't enough.
I worked for the biggest ad agencies and design studios on the west coast, writing for Toyota, Yamaha and Nissan. But I wanted freedom.
So I went freelance. And never looked back.

T I M E   L I N E

age 18 – editor of a weekly motorcycle newspaper
age 21 – editor of two national magazines
age 23 – started my own ad agency
age 25 – Senior Copywriter at Eisaman, Johns & Laws
age 26 – Copy Chief at The Designory
age 27 – Freelance writer
2017 – Still freelancing and loving it!



ads, BROCHURES, etc.


e-learning, live events



37 years of creativity



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