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WRITER, instructional designer, marketing consultant

I have been working as a freelance writer and instructional designer for over

40 years. My first instructional design project entailed a complete overhaul of

Datsun’s “8-Steps of Selling” program to make it more relevant to the audience.

Over the years, I have created over 350 courses, training workbooks and

product reference guides — everything from sales process training and

product training to technical training and management training.

Working with JSP Creative Media, we created a series of web-based training

modules for Lexus to support their Lexus Benchmark Service initiative. This

series of courses was for all employees at elite Lexus dealerships to raise their level of performance to the highest levels possible, which helped elevate Lexus to premium brand status.

Click here to watch the first of the videos that JSP Creative Media produced, and I scripted and did the instructional design that introduces Lexus Benchmark Service.

Another milestone project, I was responsible for creating all-new sales and service standards for one of the Asian car companies by utilizing their existing standards while also incorporating the best practices from five other domestic and European brands. To read the sales standards, click here.

Most recently, working with piXvfm productions, I scripted and did the instructional design for a series of "how-to" videos for Kia on how to operate their premium audio system.

To watch one of the videos in that series, click here.

I specialize in designing instructor-led courses, ride-and-drive events, web-based training, webinars, and print collateral. My strength is understanding the needs of the audience, then being able to communicate in a manner that ensures optimum performance improvement. 

The bottom line: I bring my unique mix of instructional design experience blended with my creative talents to design stimulating and educational course content.