Subaru Drive is a magazine for Subaru owners and it contains articles that help Subaru owners better understand how their vehicles operate, enhancing the ownership experience.

For this brochure, Fleetwood wanted to communicate all of the changes and upgrades made to their Class A Tradition RV, changed that made it more luxurious and more comfortable on the road.

This magazine is produced by Toyota and distributed to independent collision repair centers so they have access to the proper repair procedures for Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Collision Pros Magazine is produced by Liehr Marketing & Communications on behalf of Toyota Motor North America.

When it comes to copywriting, here are my goals:

  • I make difficult topics easy to understand. 
  • I write to motivate, educate, inform and enlighten.
  • I do it in print. For video. For live business meetings. And of course, on the Internet.

Let's talk variety...
That's why I freelance.
I have been offered countless staff position over the past 35 years and turned them all down.
Why? Because variety keeps me fresh: 
One day, I'm writing a script for an interactive training program.
The next, a print ad for a cable TV company.
Next week, it might be creating billboards for a real estate firm or writing a TV commercial for a start-up company.
These samples are some of my favorites (but only represent a small fraction of the work I've produced over the past 40 years).


While working as Creative Director at MET-Rx, we made the decision to appeal to new markets, like female athletes, which was revolutionary at that time.


This magazine is produced for Genesis dealers (the Hyundai premium brand). It is designed to be read by sales associates as well as consumers, communicating what makes Genesis vehicle exception, as well as defining the Genesis ownership experience.

For this project, Acura would fly me to various dealerships around the country. At the dealership, I would interview the staff as well as photograph the facility. Then, I would write the story with the goal of motivating other Acura dealerships to embrace similar best practices in their dealership.

This is a training manual written for Kia dealership salespeople. It communicates the key features, how they function and the consumer benefits to educate and inform the target audience.

Click on these buttons to check out some of my larger, more involved samples:

This was an annual catalog produced for TRD, Toyota's Racing Parts company. It was available in print and PDF. The copy was written to create desire in the reader by demonstrating how TRD parts are superior to OEM and aftermarket parts.

When Honda introduced their FCX Clarity model, their first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, they wanted to create an immersive and interactive auto show display. I had to learn all about hydrogen fuel cells, then write copy that would educate and inform the auto show attendees. This project included hands-on activities as well as video interactivity, all of which had to be written/scripted.

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