Most companies learn the hard way: The school of hard knocks. Trial and error. Success and failure.

I won't pull punches—I have had the luxury of working with companies like Toyota and Nissan for the last 40 years. I helped launch the Lexus brand, as well as the Infiniti and Acura brands—and I learned what worked for one, and failed for the other.

Now, I'm taking the lessons learned working with multi-billion dollar companies and helping independent companies grow and prosper. The way I look at it, I'm like a mechanic for companies: I go into a business, pop the hood, if you will, see how things are working, identify what needs a tune-up, then work with that company to grow to the next level.
My joy is being able to help others move the needle in their company thus creating new levels of success.

Here are some of the different ways I can be of assistance:

SUBARU of America
Another example, I worked with Subaru's advertising agency. At that time, the ad agency was based in Texas, Subaru of America was based in New Jersey, and the vehicles were being photographed in California. As their Product SME. I made sure the prototype vehicles were technically correct before photography. In addition, I also reviewed advertising and brochure copy to ensure the copy was technically accurate and brand consistent.

business consultant / creative director
MET-Rx :: nutritional company

MET-Rx had fired their national ad agency because the agency boosted brand awareness at the cost of sales. So, more people knew of the company, but sales dropped dramatically. 

The company pulled the advertising in-house and I was brought in as a creative consultant. To make an impact, we did two things:
1) Wrote longer copy
2) Explored new market segments
The long-form copy explained why MET-Rx products were better and with the added educational component came an increase in sales.
The second approach involved introducing protien-rich foods to market segment previously ignored, like seniors, golfers and tennis players. Our goal was to bust the myth that protein powders were only for bodybuilders.
The end result, within one year, sales went from $65 million a year to over $80 million.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)
ACURA Division of American Honda
I was retained as a product expert, which, in turn, I used that knowledge to "train the trainers". For this Acura Ride and Drive event, I worked with the professional drivers to ensure they were focusing on the best attributes of the car all while providing our audience, dealership salespeople, with demonstrations they could easily and safely reproduce when working one-on-one with their clients when they were back at their dealership.


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