WRITER, instructional designer, marketing consultant


Produced by Akins Parker on behalf of the TRD Division of Toyota Motor North America.

My goals for every project I work on:

  • I make difficult topics easy to understand.  
  • Write words that motivate, educate, sell, inform and enlighten.

That includes print ads. Video scripts. Live business meetings. And of course, web content.

Now, let's talk Variety...
That's why I freelance.
I have been offered countless staff postions over the past 40 years and turned them all down.
Because one thing keeps me fresh... variety.
One day, I'm writing a script for an interactive web-based training program.
The next, a print ad for a cable TV company.
Then the next week, it might be creating billboards for a real estate firm or writing a TV commercial for a start-up company.
As you navigate around my site, please take a minute or two to check out my samples, they are some of my favorites (but only represent a small fraction of the work I've produced over the past 40 years).

SCOTT HEIDBRINK | 760 777.1277 | CELL: 760 567.5780 | EMAIL: s_heidbrink@msn.com